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Research project Equivalence in translation 
Administration Prof. Dr. Monika Krein-Kühle 
Faculty Faculty of Information Science and Communication Studies 
Institute Institute of Translation and Multilingual Communication  
Abstract Equivalence is a fundamental, but also controversial issue in translation studies (TS). A theoretical contextualized account of the nature, conditions and constraints defining translation and equivalence remains a central task of the discipline of TS. This research provides and tests redefinitions of the concept which take account of all the constraints involved, such as grammatical-syntactic, lexical-semantic, terminological-phraseological, genre/register-related, pragmatic, domain-related, contextual and situational aspects that govern the choice of specific translation solutions and the rejection of others, in order to deal with specific text types and genres in specific contexts and situations. More empirical research into carefully selected, theoretically well-framed, contextualized, and optimally, high-quality translation corpora as ‘best practice’ events, is a promising route toward unearthing the conditions underlying translation and equivalence, establishing relevant translation phenomena and robust patterns/regularities and shedding more light on the nature of translation. The results of such research can feed directly into the applied areas of translation studies, that is, translation teaching, professional translation and translation quality assessment/translation criticism. 
Specializations Translation Studies, Scientific and Technical Translation (STT), Corpus-based Translation Studies 


Prof. Dr. Monika Krein-Kühle

Prof. Dr. Monika Krein-Kühle

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