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Program Director

Prof. Dr. Christiane Brand

Prof. Dr. Christiane Brand

Academic Advice: Thursdays 1 pm - 2 pm (for EURO students only)
These consultation hours are drop-in hours (you don´t need to make an appointment in advance).

Program Manager

Dagmar Schall

Dagmar Schall

Languages and Business (Bachelor's program) – For Students

Welcome to TH Köln! We are delighted you´re about to begin your study program at our institute. Because we know how difficult making preparations for a foreign study year can be, we’d like to offer a little help.

Studying at the ITMK in Cologne

As TH Köln´s Department of International Affairs (DIA) is responsible for registration and enrollment of all exchange students at our university they provide a website with highly usefull information. Please do not miss ist! You will find the websitelink under Orientation. From there you can also download our booklet "Studying at the ITMK in Cologne". We recommend to read it carefully, as it provides important information about studying at the ITMK, university formalities and procedures as well as how to find accommodation. In addition, there’s information about student life in Cologne – including some useful addresses and ideas about leisure activities.

Also please take a note of the Academic Calendar as it provides all key dates of your study year with us.

A further document for preparing your studies in Cologne is our study guide for the "Languages and Business Studies" course you will be enrolled at our university (equivalent to the AEL course). From chapter 5 on you will find special information for exchange students of our so called "EURO" program.

The study plans for our incoming EURO students can be downloaded under Study Plans and Lecture Timetable. The so called "Studienverlaufspläne" are a list of classes you will have to attend during your year in Cologne. Please use this list for filling-in your Learning Agreement ("Before the Mobility" part). Please enter the respective course titles (NOT module titles) in the Learning Agreement. You can also download a manual how to use our online plattform UnivIS to make up your time table.

Please note: You will have to register online before the lectures start for the classes you want to attend (see website link under Study Plans and Lecture Timetable). But don´t worry: During the orientation meeting, held the week before lectures start (see below), we will provide you with further information on your study program, the online registration, and what else you should know to sucessfully study with us. And of course, you will be free to ask your questions then.

We hope these documents will help you to prepare your studies at our university and will whet your appetite for your stay in Cologne.

And we hope you enjoy reading it!

Program Start and Arrival Recommendation 2019

Your study program starts an orientation week from September 27 to October 2, 2019 together with all ITMK freshmen and exchange students. A special AEL information session will be held on September 27 at 10:30 h in room 410. You can download the schedule for the orientation week under Orientation.

Participation in the orientation sessions is compulsory for all new AEL exchange students. Thus, please be sure to make a note of the dates!

We recommend you to arrive in Cologne at least 2 to 3 weeks before the orientation week starts. This way you will have time settle all formalities in Cologne and finalize your enrollment at TH Köln before the lectures start. Please note: You have to get enrolled before September 27 and bring your student ID to the information session on September 27! Arriving in Cologe early also gives you enough time to settle in Cologne smoothly and move into your room/apartment. Should you have a lease with the Kölner Studentenwerk (KStW) please check with them by what date and time check-in is possible (in general the lease starts an the 1st day of the month).

As soon as possible after your arrival in Cologne you should enroll personally at our Department for International Affairs (DIA). From early-September on our DIA offers information sessions for incoming students and advice for the enrollment at TH Köln. The dates will be communicated in due time. Along with your enrollment you will receive your THK student card (MultiCa) and your THK student ID (Matrikelnummer) which authorizes you to use THK´s online services such as the e-learning platform ILIAS. To finalize the enrollment you will have to transfer the so called "Semesterbeitrag". Having done so you can activate your MultiCa to use public transport (busses, trams and train) for free. For details on the enrollment process please go to the box Enrollment an Re-registration.

Please take a note of Thursday, October 3 being a German holiday. Shops and offices will be closed, also you cannot move into your dorm.

Reminder: You have to get enrolled before September 27 and bring your student ID to the AEL information session on September 27. To help you with the enrollment and with other formalities in Cologe our DIA organizes information sessions for incoming students. For details and dates please see here.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon in Cologne!